A romance of superimposed minds.

Scientific American launched a very amusing contest called quantum shorts.

 The idea was that short stories “inspired”  by the ideas of quantum mechanics be submitted but that they must be limited to 1000 words.

 In QM there is a endlessly fascinating debate on the thought provoking idea of superposition. Two separate states of a particle such as spin up or spin down can be present at the same time, and be represented by a superimposed state equation. This is also true for two separate entangled particles, or even,  as Schrodinger famously pointed out, for a live cat and a dead one.

 Playing with this I came up with the idea of two consciousness being in a state of superposition, and submitted the following short story:

 It turns out, unbeknownst to me at the time, that the idea had been thought of earlier... see Nick Herbert’s page: